Beauty Boxes

March Boxycharm

This month’s Boxycharm came in and I couldn’t be more excited! I honestly am so happy I was put back on the subscription list after being removed on accident. Boxycharm is honestly my favorite subscription!

This month there are a ton of goodies and the theme of this box is “Bae-cation”. The first thing that caught my eye was the Pretty Vulgar Blush! This is a name brand at Sephora.

Since it was the first thing to catch my eye, it was the first thing I swatched! I got this blush in the bright pink shade. This is a little too pink for my liking but I just have to use it with a light hand.

The next thing I really loved from this box was The Vintage Cosmetics Brush Set. This honestly reminds me of the south in Georgia! The color scheme, with the floral and the plaid, has a real southern feel to it.

The next thing I thought was interesting was getting a Butter London Double Decker Mascara. I am used to seeing Butter London Nail products, I had no idea they had a Makeup line as well. The mascara brush looks long and dense, also the formula looks thick.

Boxycharm always sends palettes, and I am obsessed with this one. Boxycharm And PUR Cosmetics worked together to make a palette for this box and it screams vacation! The colors are so vibrant and pigmented!

And lastly but certainly not least, is South Mane Under Eye Gels. I love eye masks and I am super excited to try them from this brand!

I think my favorite thing I received this month, overall, is a tie between the eyeshadow brushes and the gel eye masks. I like both equally as much!

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below your favorite product from this month’s Boxycharm!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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