DIY Sorority Letters

Sorority lettered shirts can literally cost you a fortune. They range from $20- $40 and that is only for one pair! I’ve thought to myself, I could probably make this. But I never do. Finally, my cousin taught me the trick and I would like to share it with you!


• Heat And Bond Adhesive Iron On

• Fabric (Fabric for the letters and the backing of the letters)

• Stencil Of Letters (Front letters and Back letters)

• Shirt

• Sewing Machine with Assorted Color Threads

• Purchased Letter Shirt For Reference


• Step 1: Trace letters on fabric (make sure to trace letters for the back letters and the front letters)

• Step 2: Trace letters on heat and bond (make sure you trace these backwards because you want the front of the fabric to show)

• Step 3: Apply heat and bond to back of the front letters and the back of the back letters (with fabric Facing out). Iron the front letters onto the back letters while still keeping the peeling on the back of the back letters.

• Step 4: Measure the middle of the shirt and where you want to place the letters (this is where a purchased set of letters comes in). Reference your purchased letters and where they are placed.

• Step 5: Peel off backing of heat and bond and place letters on shirt where you measured. Iron letters on shirt until they stick.

• Step 6: After shirt cools, pick out colored thread you want to stitch the letters on with.

• Step 7: Sew letters on the edge of the letter and the shirt.

• Step 8: Wear them!

These are mine and my cousins finished products! My cousin helped me with the sewing machine because I hadn’t sewed before!

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below if you purchase or make your lettered shirts!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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