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YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara Review

Once this mascara released I wanted to try it! YSL Mascara has been a favorite of mine since I started makeup, and finding out they came out with a new formula is so exciting! So I purchased it once it released.

First, the wand of the mascara brush is long and dense. So this wand will definitely pick up a great amount of product and distribute the product well onto the lashes. The look of the mascara is so sleek, I’ve never seen a see-through mascara bottle before which is interesting. I definitely think it’s vanity worthy!

For the lashes, I feel it did a great job at separating the lashes. I feel it did an exceptional job on the lower lashes as well.

I also felt that the mascara did well to lengthen my lashes but it did not give my lashes a full look. I am used to my mascara making my lashes look fuller but this mascara did not do that. The product also lasted all day.

For the price point, I say save your money because you can get a mascara that is cheaper and have it do the same thing. But if you like luxurious purchases and like to collect makeup, it works well enough to add it to your collection! I hope you liked this post and comment down below if you like YSL products!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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