I Tried Mochi Ice Cream

I usually don’t do these types of posts but I’d like to share my experience with Mochi ice cream! I can’t cook and I also don’t have an eclectic palette for foods, so food posts aren’t my thing. But I thought this would be a lot of fun to write about!

Mochi is defined as a short-grained, sweet, glutinous rice with a high starch content, used in Japanese cooking.

A little history on the Mochi Ice Cream:

This product was simply explained to me as ice cream wrapped in a sort of dough. It was also explained to me that it is a treat that can be found mostly in America because it was invented by a Japanese-American woman. So it is not technically from Japanese culture.

I thought it sounded really cool (especially to me, an avid ice cream eater)! So I decided to try it.

The Mochi Ice Cream actually looks a little strange. It looks like a very small ball of pizza dough, but the different flavors are all different colors. I got the flavors strawberry, vanilla and chocolate!

Once I bit into it it tasted good. The dough didn’t really taste like much, but the ice cream tasted like normal the ice cream flavors. After a while I had to stop eating the Mochi Ice Cream because I am a texture person. The dough once bit into and it became wet, it felt like a really thick membrane around the ice cream. That freaked me out but otherwise it tasted really good!

I hope you enjoyed this different kind of post and comment down below your thoughts on Mochi Ice Cream.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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