Elf Lip Plumper And Primer Review

Elf is such an amazing and underrated brand, I always find cool products to try. I recently found a double ended lip plumper and primer which looked very interesting to test out! Lip plumpers are so fun to use and since Kylie Jenner lips are in right now, this could help plump those lips and primer them for a matte lipstick.

The packaging is simple and sleek like most of Elf products. They definitely have a cheaper packaging for their products but they have a lot of quality products; it could be argued that the cheaper packaging is what makes the products so affordable. This packaging, specifically, isn’t too cheap feeling.

The primer end isn’t a very good lip primer. It feels a tad bit oily on the lips and looks extremely patchy. For the plumper, this is definitely what makes the purchase of this product worth it. The plumper makes the lips look pretty full! Since I got this product I’ve used it everyday, and it only costed $3.

I really love the plumper but the primer was a flop. I personally think it’s worth it for a $3 lip plumper that works well. So if you’re looking for an affordable lip plumper I recommend trying this one out.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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