Excerpts From My Travel Journal: Europe Edition

During my travels I like to keep a journal of my experiences and I would like to share excerpts from each country I visited in Europe.


Day 3 LONDON- My group woke up late but I can’t say that I’m surprised. Nothing says Steph Russell like being late hahaha. We kind of felt bad but it’s whatever. We had a guided bus tour of London and I took a nap because it was boring and there’s not much to see in London since we already saw the main things the first day we were there. We then went to Buckingham Palace and saw the guards change, sadly the cop wouldn’t let us cross the street and kept saying “You can cross in 5 minutes” we never crossed until the end of the switch. I feel like that’s a lot of work just to switch the guards with everyone marching and playing instruments. We then had free time but of all places we were at the Palace and there’s nothing around there. Danielle, Brianna and I went to the tube and just picked a random stop and then went for lunch. We went to South Kensington and we had pasta at Loves and it was amazing. After we got back on the tube to get to St. Paul’s church but it was pretty far. We got off at the closest stop and as we were walking up the escalator I fell. It was kind of embarrassing but honestly, when am I ever going to see these people again? Never. No shame. So I laughed it off. We finally got to the church and surprisingly we were the first ones there. We went to go eat fish and chips and instead I had some soupy spicy rice thing. We went to a street art walking tour which was cool but kind of unnecessary to pay for because street art should be free to see. My feet were killing me. We rushed to the London Eye after and it felt like we were running there because we were running late. The London Eye was pretty and as we walked back to the hotel we saw Big Ben at night which was also really nice. As we were waiting for the tube I go in my pocket and find a bobby pin heart Ryan made me a week before I left. I started tearing up, I am so homesick. When we were at the hotel we were starving do Brianna’s older cousins went out and bought us pizza. Which was really nice of them. Today was tiring. 


Day 7 BRUSSELS- We left Amsterdam in the morning and made our way to Brussels. Once we got to Brussels we went to a European Parliament museum and took a tour of some history of Europe and how the Parliament works. After we went to an atom model and walked through it which was so awesome. It looked like a spaceship inside. We then drove into the city area and we had free time to eat lunch and shop and Danielle and I went to a fancy restaurant and we never even ate because we didn’t know you had to flag the waiter over to order…. Europe is so weird. We bought Belgium chocolate and went to dinner. After dinner we had more free time and I got Ryan and I matching bracelets with our anniversary on it ❤️. So cute. After we went to the hotel and the wifi was amazing there. I roomed with Danielle. Once we got there I showered and then skyped Ryan for the rest of the night until I fell asleep. 


Day 8 PARIS- We arrive in Paris after a few hour drive and we go to a Perfume place called Fragonard. It’s apparently the oldest perfume place in business. They showed us how they made their perfumes and we got to smell some of the perfumes they produce. After we went to the museum where the Mona Lisa is and we saw a bunch of art work. When we went to lunch Danielle and I were craving milkshakes but they sadly “just ran out”. We went to the lock bridge where I put a lock on the bridge there for Ryan and I ❤️. After we went to Notre Dame and sadly I saw no hunchbacks hahaha. It was absolutely beautiful there though. Then we went to eat dinner and I tried crambulè and it was okay. We got onto the metro and one of the older people got stuck in the doors of the metro and someone had to rip the doors back open. It was scary I thought she was going to die. We got to the hotel and it was nice but we couldn’t order room service sadly. I skyped Ryan for the rest of the night.


Day 12 HEIDELBERG- I woke up and took a cold shower which didn’t do me any good because once I walked out of the shower I was sweating again. I got ready and went down to breakfast which I only had water because the food looked gross. After breakfast we all went to a castle and toured the castle and it was really beautiful. Although I wish I could’ve went inside since it was a Medieval castle. After the castle we went to the public fresh water lake and we had so much fun. The lake was amazing. I think I had more fun at the lake than anywhere else on this tour. We went back to the hotel and ate dinner and we were told to get our stuff together because we were going to a different hotel. We had to walk to the hotel which was a quarter mile walk with our luggage and bags but honestly I was okay with that. We got to the new hotel and there was air conditioning and wifi and I got a room to myself which was awesome. I talked to Ryan all night and fell asleep ❤️


Day 13 MUNICH- I woke up and had to pack my stuff and get out of the hotel by 7am and I was on time. Thankfully Danielle called me though. We took a three hour bus ride that turned into 7 hours because of traffic. We went to a concentration camp once we got into Munich. It was very sad to see where they stayed and how they were treated. We left the camps  and go to the bike tour which was about 2 hours long. I thought I was going to get hurt being on those bikes. We drove the bikes through the garden and they said we were going to see the nudists and gladly we didn’t see any.. Or at least I didn’t. We went to this river and no one told a whole group of us to bring our bathing suits  to go in the river so Jenna Holden and I agreed to jump in fully clothed. It was so much fun. It was like a really really intense lazy river. I was laughing the whole time. We also saw some surfers that were surfing the waves in the river. We went to the rest stop and got ice cream. After the bike ride we ate dinner which I had some pasta and peas. Then we went to the hotel and I talked to Ryan. I miss him so much. At this point I just want to go home. 


Day 17 ROME- We left Florence and drove to Rome. We stopped at a pit stop and grabbed snacks. Somehow I’m convinced all these people live off of are Pringles because every store we go to they don’t have any premade food they just have Pringles. Once we got to Rome we went to the Coliseum and had a walking tour of that and Forum. There was a fresh water fountain we could fill our water bottles up with but I forgot my water on the bus. So we went in a gift shop and I found a mug and I bought the mug so I can just fill that up with water and a few people followed my lead with that. The tour guide lady thought it was so funny and creative she took a picture of us to show her boss. After the guided tour we had free time in the inner city and Danielle and I had gelato. We left and went to the hotel for dinner where we had pasta and peas. Then we went back up to the room to re pack our things. And I think I lost the bracelet I got Ryan 😭 I want to cry. I hope it’s on the bus or the other hotel found it. 


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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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