A Great Day For A Fake Wedding

A little while back, my best friend was looking to venture into photography and needed to build her resume. So I volunteered myself and my boyfriend to model for her pictures. We had a Fake wedding and I wanted to share some of the raw shots that we had!

We went to the beach (which of course people were walking on lol) and took some pictures! It felt natural posing for these pictures because I take pictures for my blog all the time.

The dress was beautiful and it was a nice day outside when we had the fake wedding! I felt that the dress had an elegant but almost old-fashioned look to it. I wouldn’t wear it to my own wedding but this is because I would either want a complete ball-gown or something tight fitting with lace. But I felt like a princess nonetheless.

I made sure to do my makeup too! I did a neutral look with a darker lip. I did this makeup look to keep the dress as the main focus. Plus, most wedding looks have neutral colors!

I loved this experience and I would definitely do this again! Being the models for pictures is so much fun and it is rewarding to help out a friend! I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below if you’ve been a model for photography.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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