Date Ideas

A-Z Date Ideas

Running out of date ideas for you and your significant other? I’m here to help! Here is an A-Z list of dates to go on:

A- Adventure: Take a date somewhere you have never been before and adventure there!

B- Batting cages: Go on a date to the batting cages and hit some baseballs

C- Camp Outside: Grab a cheap tent from Target, pack your bags and go camp somewhere! Even if it’s only in the backyard.

D- Dinner Party: Invite your friends over and host a themed dinner party!

E- Evening stroll: Go for a walk during the evening and talk. This is simple but it’s a nice way to spend time together.

F- Film: Go catch a movie together!

G- Group Date: Aka double date! Ask one of your couple friends to go on a double date.

H- House hunting: Even if you are t looking for a house, drive around and look at the beautiful surrounding towns.

I- Go Ice Skating: most indoor rinks are open all year long! It would be so much fun to ice skate in the spring or summertime, right?!

J- Junk food date: Go to your favorite place to get junk food and go to town! I love Taco Bell for these dates.

K- Kayaking: There are tons of different lakes you could possibly kayak on! Find one and go together! Luckily we live near the water so we kayak on the bay.

L- Lunch: Go get an early lunch and top it off with some Target shopping (this is my favorite pastime).

M- Medieval Times: Is There a Medieval Times or festival near you? These are so much fun to go to! Definitely try and make it a trip if you are a long drive away!

N- NETFLIX AND CHILL: But with this date actually pick out a Netflix show to watch and chill!

O- Outdoorsy: Get outdoorsy and go for a hike or a wildlife drive!

P- Pinterest Date: We save tons of crafting ideas on Pinterest, this is the time to breakout a DIY project from your board of 5000 pins (this is me) and use it as a date!

Q- Queen and King: This is a themed date I like to use. This is where you get dressed up to the nines and go out to eat and act like royalty. Why not? You both deserve it!

R- Rollerskating: Grab someone pads and go rollerskating together! This will be a great way to fall for other all over again (pun intended)

S- Stargazing: Drive somewhere without light pollution and stargaze!

T- Test Driving: As long as you are 18 years or older, you can go to car dealerships and test drive cars together! It’s so much fun!

U- Uber: At random, pick a club to go to near you and Uber there Together!

V- Volunteer: Do some volunteer work together! This will be a rewarding experience for both you you!

W- Wine Tour: If you are the legal age to drink, then take a wine tour. Just make sure you have a designated driver to bring you home!

X- XBOX: Break out the video games and get competitive!

Y- Yard-sale: This sounds like a lot of work but it is super fun and can help you both make some extra cash if you want to take a vacation or put away for an apartment or a bill payment!

Z- Zip-lining: Is There a place you guys can go zip-lining? This sounds like a fun experience and should definitely be a fun date!

I hope you enjoyed these Date ideas and don’t forget to subscribe!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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