My Old Prom Dresses

It’s almost that time of year again! Prom time! This was probably one of my most fondest memories of high school. I went to a total of 4 proms in my high school career and threw a prom for my boyfriend (since he missed his senior prom) in my backyard!

Junior Year Prom

I wore a nude sheer dress that had rhinestones on it! This is one of my favorites that I had worn. I wore this dress to my junior prom and also I wore it again for the senior prom the same year when I went with a friend!

Boyfriend’s Junior Prom

I went to my boyfriend’s junior prom in this crazy colored and completely open back dress! This one was so fun to wear and made me look super tan!

My Senior Prom

My absolute favorite dress of all, this blue lace dress with an open back. It was absolutely gorgeous and made me feel like a princess. I hope to feel this way or even better when I say yes to a wedding dress!

Boyfriend’s (Mock) Senior Prom

I felt terrible that my boyfriend missed his own senior prom so I threw him one in my backyard. I made him think we were going to NYC dressing really fancy to go out to eat. Then as he walked up to my front door I prom posed to him with a sign that said “Whale you go to prom with me” and I was holding a whale. I made a dessert table, a dance floor, a bonfire area, and a food to eat for dinner! And we won prom queen and king if you were wondering! Here’s more pictures:

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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