A Look At My Pinterest Boards

I love Pinterest! I have so many things I have pinned, there is no way I could use every single idea. This social media outlet isn’t just great for getting ideas, it is also great for bloggers to use to show off their own ideas! Here is a look into my Pinterest boards!

I have a board for Fashion Musts, where all of the fashion I am loving right now goes! And also one for Beauty which has makeup looks that I love and more!

I have a board for nails, for when I have to pick a nail color when I go to the salon. I just show the nail technician what I want and she does the rest for me! And I have a board for Beach Wedding, of course for when I’m ready to say, I do!

I have a board for sorority life, full of crafts and sorority clothes inspiration! I also have another board for fashion which is fashion that I could wear on the daily!

I have a board full of inspirational quotes I read when I’m feeling down. I also have one for home decor when I am finally a home owner!

I have a board full of gift ideas for my boyfriend and also my “bring it guest” board is a board for when I go to someone’s house for a party I have a board of foods and gifts to bring to them as a thank you.

I also have a board for birthday themes for when I host birthday parties and also a board for clean eating when I get on that health kick.

I have nieces and nephews and I will always need craft ideas to keep them occupied and have fun with them while doing it! I also have a board for “adulting” this has information on how to pay taxes, how to look for an apartment and more!

I obviously have a board for Disney, because I am Disney obsessed! I also have a board for blogging which I use to put up helpful posts like how to use BlueHost and how to increase traffic!

I have a board for big-little craft inspiration, and also I have a self explanatory board for Cute Gift Ideas!

I have a board called better lifestyle which has to do with positivity and staying optimistic! I also have a board for when I travel the world which has picture ideas, travel for cheap tips and more!

I have a board for baby stuff for when that time in my life comes and also one for DIY clothes which shows how to revamp old clothes into something cute!

I have the board do it for the YouTube which is just information on how to start a YouTube and how to use video editors, make thumbnails etc. and also a DIY board of things I will probably never make!

I have a board for Organizing because I love organization tips and tricks! I also have a board full of DIY cups, mugs and tumbler cups!

I have a board for my Bedroom decor inspiration and also a fitness board that has workouts on it!

I am a huge party hostess so I made a board on little parties that I’d like to throw. Also, I have a board on backyard decor! I love gardening and re-doing the backyard so this has some decorating ideas!

And lastly I have a board of hairstyles I want to try as well as a board full of picture poses I’d like to try to use for inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe to receive notifications of new content I post!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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