My Nighttime Routine

Before bed I have a routine that I try to follow every single night!

1. I start off with taking my makeup off. I try to do this first so my makeup isn’t all over the place when I shower.

2. I take a shower and follow My Shower Routine, which includes washing my face with a cleanser and sometimes exfoliating my face!

3. If I am stressed or my muscles hurt I will wash the tub off and take a bath with a bath bomb and some bubbles and follow My Bath Routine!

4. I will usually do 2 face masks depending on what I need. So sometimes I will use a clay mask if I’m feeling oily and a hydrating sheet mask if I want moisture!

5. I exfoliate my lips. Sometimes from wearing a matte lipstick all day, my lips get super dry. I exfoliate and throw on a chapstick or lip moisturizer!

6. I do my skincare routine! This varies because I sometimes switch products. But I usually start off with a facial oil, and then put on a water based moisturizer and then a cream based moisturizer and usually end with a sleep mask (I have dry skin if you couldn’t tell)!

7. SLEEP, this is super important! Get enough sleep because it could really affect your body negatively if you don’t!

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below your Nighttime Routine!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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