5 Makeup Questions I Always Get Asked

As someone who does makeup decently well and knows a lot about it, I always am asked questions about it! I am not complaining about being asked questions either, because I love being able to discuss something I’m passionate about. So I have my top 5 most frequently asked questions and my answers to them!

1. How do you know when something is blended enough?

When something is blended enough, it is easy to tell. It will look seamless and with eyeshadows, it should look gradient and definitely not patchy. If neither of those things are happening for you, keep blending or look up different blending techniques. It is possible it isn’t that you aren’t blending enough, you might not have a good blending technique. Blending takes practice but you’ll get it.

2. How do you apply false lashes?

This is something that takes practice, and sometimes I even mess up even though I’ve been wearing them for so long. You have to cut the lash to fit your eye. Then apply the glue to the lash and wait for it to get tacky. You then place the lashes on the eyelid, close and along your natural lash line and apply light pressure to secure them. Just don’t put the lashes on your natural lashes, otherwise you will rip your real lashes out.

3. How many ROUGE points do you have at Sephora?

The highest my Rouge points have been is around 6,000 but I cashed in 3,000 point a while ago and now I have 3,194 points. This doesn’t include Ulta Reward Points, Elf Rewards and purchases made directly from companies websites like toofaced.com or jeffreestarcosmetics.com that don’t count points.

4. Do you use all of the makeup you buy?

A lot of the makeup I purchase sits around for a little but I usually end up getting around to using it. I do run into unused palettes and lippies a lot though. But typically I try to make a point to use everything at least once.

5. What are products you find yourself running out of the most?

I definitely feel like I run out of brow pencils, brow gel, foundation and concealer the most. This is because these are things I use daily!

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below any questions you’d like to ask me about makeup!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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