Sorority: Spoiling My Littles

I was lucky enough to get two littles! I love them so much and I wanted to share how I spoiled them and decorated their rooms! My theme was Secret Garden which was floral themed.

This is my one Little’s room!

This is my second Little’s room!

I loved how we decorated each room, and I made sure I gave them both an equal amount of everything. I did this to be fair to both of them! I got crafted six canvases for both of them, one wood craft for both of them (other than their puzzle pieces), I got each of them a banner, a ZTA hat, a ZTA flag, three ZTA shirts, a ZTA cup, three floral notebooks/office supplies, a flower crown and a growable flower and strawberry plant (ZTAs symbol fruit)!

This is what I gave them for their clues! I gave them for clue #1, both Polaroid cameras with floral cases. I also gave them a pack of Polaroid film, and a cute frame! The clue read “I love taking pictures”!

For the second clue I did 2 Truths 1 Lie. For my one Little I did the two truths as I love fashion and mermaids! With those two truths I gave her a really cute clutch bag, as well as a scarf for fashion and a mermaid blanket. For the lie I wrote “I am always on time” and gave her a wall clock and a cute watch! For my second Little I gave her 2 Truths 1 Lie as well. I did the two truths as I have traveled more out of the country than I have inside the country, and that I love makeup! With those two truths I gave her a Sonia Kashuk brush set, a sparkly makeup bag, elf blush palette as well as an Elf lippie, and a travel journal as well as a jewelry dish that says “Love The Adventure”. The lie was that I was a Marine Biology major in college and I got her a pet fish for that one! I also got both of them ZTA necklaces and a real plant!

These are our connecting puzzle pieces I made myself for each of us! I love my Littles more than anything and couldn’t be happier!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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