Asking My Guy Friend What Makeup Products Are

I decided to ask my guy friend who knows little to nothing about makeup, what certain makeup products are! I showed him pictures that were cropped and edited so it didn’t show what it was on the bottle or in the title. I did this so I can show him the products without giving away what they are. I didn’t use the name of the products, I only showed the pictures. You will definitely enjoy his responses!

1. Primer

His response: “Uh concealer?”

2. Foundation

His response: “A more pink concealer”

3. Concealer

His response: “Ooh a lip gloss thing”

4. Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge

His response: “It looks porous so maybe one of those things to get calluses off your foot but for your face. To get dead skin off your face”

5. Setting Powder

His response: “Hmm a powder that makes your complexion look like a peach”

6. Eyebrow Pencil

His response: “Eyelash darkener”

7. Eyeshadow Palette

His response: “It goes on top of your eyelid”

8. Eyeliner

His response: “Cat eye crayon”

9. Mascara

His response: “Eyelash enlarger”

10. Bronzer

His response: “Powder to help with your complexion, this time to make you look Hawaiian”

11. Contour Palette

His response: “More complexion stuff”

12. Blush

His response: “Blush”

13. Illuminator aka Highlighter

His response: “Is that a liquid? It’s a play-dough like substance that will suck the makeup off your face.”

14. Setting Spray/ Facial Spray

His response: “A cleaning solution”

I loved doing this post! It was so much fun to see what those who don’t know a lot about makeup think these products are. It’s even more fun to teach them what the makeup products are afterwards!

I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to subscribe!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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