Boyfriend Q&A

This is my handsome guy Ryan, I love him with all my heart and decided to do a Q&A with him, about our relationship!

1. What is the first memory you have of each other?

Ryan: I remember you sitting at the table, crying and I asked if you were okay. And then next time you asked if I was okay when my car battery died.

Steph: I remember you bumping into me and saying “Sorry Steph” and I was amazed that you knew my name.

2. Explain your first impression of each other.

Ryan: I thought you were cute, pretty, talented, funny and nice

Steph: I thought you were smart, funny, quirky, fun and handsome

3. When and where did we meet?

Ryan: Steph’s senior year, my junior year in high school at theater club. I was in crew and Steph was in cast.

4. Where was our first kiss?

The band room in our high school.

5. Complete the sentence. My boyfriend/girlfriend is ______?

Ryan: My girlfriend is my best friend

Steph: Mt boyfriend is my soulmate

6. Who said “I love you” first?

Ryan: Totally me

7. When did you meet each other’s parents?

Ryan: I met your parents together opening night March 26th. But I worked with your dad for a year, previous to us dating, on building the set for play.

Steph: I met your mom after dating for almost a month and I came over for dinner. I met your dad after us dating for two or three months when I came to his house.

8. What is something you wish your boyfriend/girlfriend didn’t do?

Ryan: I wish my girlfriend wouldn’t spend so much money.

Steph: I wish my boyfriend wouldn’t complain about me spending money. Hahaha.

9. What is the first concert we went to together?

Pink Floyd Tribute Band Concert

10. What is your favorite date you both went on?

Ryan: Our first date where we went to the arcade and played 21 games together.

Steph: I loved being in LBI together on the boat trip, we had a date and went out to the little town. Which was the first time we slept next to each other, absolutely magical.

11. Explain your perfect day with each other.

Ryan: Summertime, waking up to go to the beach, eat breakfast together, doing something fun and go night swimming or go in the hot tub.

Steph: I was going to say the same thing, but I would include going to the boardwalk!

12. What is a habit/quirk each of you have that only you notice?

Ryan: You always sing lyrics of song wrong.

Steph: You always get a haircut and end up wanting to shave your head after a week of having it.

13. What is something that your partner does that helps cheer you up?

Ryan: Cuddles!

Steph: Hugs!

14. Name your favorite vacation you took together.

Ryan: Disney

Steph: Definitely Disney, we are such huge Disney fans I love it!

15. What’s an issue you feel you run into a lot in your relationship?

Ryan: Food definitely. Where we want to go to eat.

Steph: Time Management

16. Where do you see the relationship in 3-5 years?

Ryan: In our own place, living together.

Steph: Living together, working at our careers!

17. Is your partner an optimist, pessimist or a realist?

Ryan: Pessimist/Realist

Steph: Optimist

18. Name the craziest/funniest memory you have with each other!

Ryan: When you jumped over a half wall and tripped, and I caught you in mid air. That was some Superman stuff. That was crazy.

Steph: I laugh every time I think about our trip to St. Petersburg, Florida and we were in the ocean. I backed up into a buoy and thought it was a shark and literally started getting so scared, I went completely stiff to the point where I was floating in the water and started freaking out.

19. List 10 random facts about each other:


1. You love makeup

2. Your favorite color is blue

3. You are a really happy person

4. You are very smart and teach me things 24/7

5. You are always worried about something

6. You pretty much know every Vine

7. Sam Smith is your favorite artist

8. You love the city

9. You give the best hugs

10. You are afraid of scary things that crawl i.e. exorcist


1. You constantly play the drums with your fingers.

2. You know basically every Pink Floyd song

3. Your favorite color is green

4. You always look on the bright side

5. Your favorite animal is a monkey

6. Your favorite Disney movie is Toy Story

7. You know so much about history and teach me about history and politics

8. You love live music

9. You are 100% a beach person

10. You are constantly confronted by strangers saying you look like Ryan Reynolds

20. Use 5 words to describe each other’s personality.

Ryan: Happy, Joyful, Sweet, Caring, and Strong

Steph: Loving, Protective, Positive, Nice and Energetic

I hope you enjoyed this post!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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