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LOreal Paris EverPure VoxBox

Through the company and app Influenster I was able to get a VoxBox from LOreal Paris to test their products from the EverPure collection for free!

In the VoxBox I was able to test the EverPure sulfate free moisture shampoo, and the EverPure sulfate free deep moisture hair sheet mask. I was extremely excited to test these products out because I have never heard of this line before. I also have never heard of a hair sheet mask!

I used the shampoo for a week and realized that it did make my hair feel smoother, especially after hair drying. Usually, when I dry my hair with the hairdryer it’s a little frizzy. With this shampoo, it made my hair look like I had a professional hairstylist blowout (and I’m terrible at blow drying hair)!

I followed the directions for the hair sheet mask from this collection and it definitely was an experience. After I washed my hair with the shampoo I put the hair mask cap on. I massaged the cap, left it for 5 minutes and then I removed the mask and washed out the product. My hair definitely felt smooth and hydrated. I would recommend trying this because this is effective as well as efficient. A 5 minute sheet mask for hair it quick and easy to fit into even the busiest persons schedule.

I got this from Influenster which is a company that has an app you can download. You make an account, connect all of your social media and with the more friends you have on social media, the higher your impact score is on Influenster! When you have a high impact score, combined with badges you get for reviewing products on the app, you will get free boxes (VoxBoxes) of products that you can review! It’s definitely something worth getting into and there is no catch, it is 100% free in exchange for your reviews. If you’d like to sign up, use my referral link:

I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to subscribe!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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