Why Fake Lashes Are A Makeup Purchasing Addiction

Once you start to wear fake lashes you won’t ever want to leave the house without them. Fake lashes have become super popular to wear daily over the years and that popularity is just continuously growing.

When I just started to get into makeup I saw on Morphebrushes.com that they had lashes for $3 and I figured I would need them at some point and just bought 10 packs! I looked at the packs of eyelashes one day and decided to wear them. I remember saying to my boyfriend “Oh I’m just going to wear these 10 pairs of lashes over the next few days because I don’t want them to be wasted.” Ever since then I’ve been wearing fake lashes left and right. This year it has been almost every day of the year of me wearing lashes.

I don’t know why but I’ve heard many people and stories of people who put fake lashes on once and never wanted to style natural lashes ever again. I feel it’s a makeup purchasing addiction in a way. I have hundreds of lashes just sitting there waiting to be used, all different kinds, shapes, sizes etc. And I just keep buying them because I feel the need to have more. I now feel naked without my lashes, I feel that my look is incomplete.

I am trying lash extensions for this summer. So I will see if I can interchange between the two, just because I can’t always wear fake lashes in the summer but I would like to still have the length of the lashes and darkness of the lashes as well. I might also try lash tinting and lash lift where they tint the lashes a darker color and lift your natural lashes.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will keep you updated on how the lash situation pans out!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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