My Shower Routine

I wanted to share my shower routine with everyone because I love reading other people’s routines. So, I thought I would share my own routine when I shower!

1. I turn the shower on to as hot as it goes

2. Wash hair with purple shampoo and conditioner

3. Do a hair mask

4. Wash body with liquid Dial soap and exfoliate (I do this after I wash my hair because it is said that back acne is caused by oils from your hair– especially if you wash your hair)

5. Wash with Bath and Body Works shower gel (I do this just so I have a more potent perfume smell)

6. Shave

7. Use feminine wash (I do this because normal soaps can cause rashes and infections down there. It’s better to use something that is specifically made for it.

8. Wash Face with Philosophy Purity (my go to face wash)

9. Wash Face with Micellar Water

10. Turn the water to cold (this helps close all your pores after you finish showering)

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below your shower routine.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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