February Boxycharm

My favorite monthly subscription has renewed (finally). I somehow got kicked off from receiving Boxycharm and I had to go on the waitlist to get it again! The waitlist had me wait from December until February until I got the boxes again. Thankfully I’m back to getting my favorite beauty box every month. I just hope I don’t get kicked off again.

Boxycharm did it again. Giving products that add up to more than the price of the box itself! The box is $21 a month and you get 5 full size products every month!

This month came with this really beautiful colorful and holographic highlighter by Naked Cosmetics! I’ve noticed with some holographic highlighters, it leaves a grayish tint on the skin. This highlighter doesn’t which is amazing!

The box also came with 3 full size Crown makeup brushes! These brushes are synthetic but I mainly use synthetic brushes since I tend to use a lot of liquid products. Synthetic brushes help make the liquid makeup less streaky and more seamless.

I also was sent The Vintage eyeliner in the shade Jet Black. This eyeliner is super creamy and dark! It would work really well for a smoky eye look.

My favorite type of makeup products are those that are multipurpose! If I can kill two birds with one stone, I will. I got a PUR Cosmetics lip plumper and exfoliator this month and I was ecstatic. So now, I can plump and exfoliate my lips with one product. It would usually take me 5 minutes to do both separately but now I can cut that time in half.

The last product I got was Cover FX Shimmer Veil it was a pretty iridescent product. I am thinking of using it as eyeshadow on my lid with brown eyeshadow.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and comment down below what your favorite product is!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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