Valentines Day Gifts On A Budget

Being on a budget is so hard sometimes and it’s even harder when you’re in a relationship. All of the anniversaries, holidays, and their birthdays can become costly, that’s not even getting into the vacations and dates you go on either. But being on a budget, and still being able to give your significant other something sweet as a gift on a holiday like Valentines Day isn’t impossible! Here’s 5 gift ideas that are super cheap but still meaningful:

1. Decorate their room

This is so cute and super romantic! You can get balloons and streamers from the dollar store and the giant bear is optional!

2. Surprise them with flowers at work

If you can’t interrupt their work, then leave the flowers under their car windshield wiper! Such a cute surprise to find after a long or stressful day.

3. Make personalized Jenga blocks

I filled these Jenga blocks with memories we’ve shared that bring back feelings of joy. I drew a heart on the end of each block to give it a Valentine’s Day feel! It’s a cute thought and a fun game to keep and play!

4. Decorate Their Car The Night Before

I do this for my boyfriend every year. I sneakily decorate his car for Valentine’s Day the night before and he wakes up to a decorated car every year! Just make sure this isn’t going to make your significant other late to work.

5. Make your own bouquet of flowers

It’s so simple to ask the florist for a personalized bouquet of flowers (obviously making the request before Valentine’s Day). It’s not much of an extra cost and you can even have them make the bouquet with glitter and ribbon! It makes it more special for your significant other, and don’t forget a cute card!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and comment down below which one you like the most!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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