Organizing A Messy Product Drawer

We all have that drawer full of products that we can’t seem to get organized either because there is no proper holder to organizer in or lack of space. My messy drawer is full of skincare. In the past I put my skincare products in small vases, cups, in bags and on plates. It always looked like a mess but I had no way of fixing it because I had no organizer to fit everything in.


I had a plate with some shower items on it like scrubs and soaps, a cup/small vase of trial size items, a bowl of face masks, a box full of skincare samples. I also had a Sephora skincare sampler, an acrylic holder with serums and a bunch of random stuff as well.

This mess was present up until recently, when I was browsing through the Dollar Spot in Target. I found these rectangular acrylic pieces that went perfectly with my room decor. I got each of these for $3, which is a huge steal! I just knew they’d fit perfectly in my dresser.

I put my bigger products in the acrylic holders, I put my deluxe and trial size samples and serums in the pink box. I also kept my smaller size products out in the bowl and cup I already had. Everything looks a lot neater and nicer. This definitely was a drawer I used to try and hide but now I am proud to show it off!

I hope you enjoyed reading and comment down below what your messy drawer is full of!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

3 thoughts on “Organizing A Messy Product Drawer

  1. I love this post makeup organization gets me going, I wish we had dollar spot in Canada they seem to get all the best stuff! I will say that for the Aleks frawers/Malm desk from ikea the drawer organizers from ikea are also awesome

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