Etsy Shop Review: ShopRushCrush

I love buying things off of Etsy, there’s something special about getting an item, you want or need, handmade. Whether it’s for you or a gift for a friend/family member, paying for a handmade item is an amazing gift. You are contributing to someone’s small business and also getting a beautiful personalized item!

I had to get shirts made for my sorority and chose to shop on Etsy for them! There were so many cute graphics to choose from but once I saw ShopRushCrush, a little voice was telling me to get it from this Etsy Shop. Everything on this shop looked like it was great quality, so I decided to purchase something from ShopRushCrush after browsing for a little bit!

I got my items in a pretty fast amount of time, and loved that the shipping was quick. I’ve ordered personalized shirts from larger corporation companies plenty of times before and I haven’t gotten a personalized graphic shirt as fast as I did from Etsy. It was really convenient for me especially since I was already on a tight schedule to get the shirt.

Once I got my package I was so excited to open it and look at my new cute sorority shirts! I was pleasantly surprised that the shirt looked exactly like the picture they posted and it looked even cuter on! The t-shirt was also good quality as well! I’m satisfied with my purchase and I recommend checking their Etsy Shop out ShopRushCrush!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and comment down below your favorite item ShopRushCrush has if you check out the Etsy website!

– Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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