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BareMinerals Made-2-Fit Personalized Shade Foundation Review

BareMinerals came out with a foundation recently that is called Made-2-Fit foundation. They constructed an app that is available at the Play Store and App Store that scans your skin with the camera on your cellphone. This app makes you a personalized shade for your foundation that claims to scan your exact shade. I was luck enough to try this for free through Influenster and be able to test if it actually does give you a foundation that is the exact same shade as your skin.

The foundation came in a really cute package that actually had my shade as the background of the box. What is also cool is that BareMinerals actually personalizes the bottle of foundation as well and puts your name on it. I feel like this is a great app for those who have a hard time trying to find the perfect shade.

This is what the application looks like when you download it and this is what it looks like when you open the app. The app explains what you need to do exactly and how to do it The instructions are extremely easy to follow and you can redo a scan as many times as you want.

Here is a picture of me swatching the foundation on my bare face. This picture has no filter or editing done to it so you can see the exact result. And honestly the swatch is pretty exact to my skin tone. I read reviews on the app that some have had trouble with getting a good match. If this happens you are able to ship it back for free and re-scan to get your skin tone to get a new one. It worked for me, so I believe this app is true when used correctly! The foundation is medium-full coverage and wore well throughout the day. The foundation costs $49 which is the same price as other high end products.

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below if you are interested in trying this product!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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