How I Juggle Blogging, College, Sorority and Relationships

I’ve learned in my experience, that no matter what was going on, life didn’t stop moving. It doesn’t wait for you to get over a personal drama or tragedy to strike you with another problem. Life keeps moving and the only thing we can do is roll with the punches. No matter what I have going on in my life I can still juggle the important things.

So how do I do it?

Well, the first thing I did was realize that I had a few constants in my life to keep myself grounded. I have my family, boyfriend and friends, I have my blog, school, clubs I’m involved with, and my sorority. All of these things are constants that I know they will always be there. So with whatever drama or problems I face, I will always still have the people I love, the things I am passionate about and the places that feel like home.

Being involved with so much is stressful at times, especially when having to prioritize things. But I feel that I can juggle everything because I am determined to succeed and I have drive. Scheduling everything out and tons of planning is essential to juggling a lot in life. Another essential thing that has to be done is accepting when you can’t do something. If you can’t fit it into your schedule or something gets in the way, don’t guilt trip yourself. Beating yourself up about it will only discourage you, and make you feel even more stressed so just remember that life gets in the way sometimes.

Something that I do to juggle everything is to also keep a schedule with the people I’m close with. I will write up a schedule for my family, boyfriend, friends, and give mandatory absences early on to professors and/or boss figures. This is so they know what is going on in my life and when I’m available or unavailable.

I hope this helps, and comment down below some ways you juggle things in your life.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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