Letting Go Of Negativity

I want to talk about the best ways to let go of negativity and how it can change your life.

Negativity is not good in anyone’s life, and it is something that has to be dealt with. Many people just brush off negativity and go on with their life or are negative themselves. But people don’t realize how much negativity can affect your life and how you view the world. One day you could have thought positively about the world and had a great outlook on life and at some point something changed and you only saw the negatives. People don’t just change from optimism to pessimism, something affects them. How do we let go of negativity?

• Cut off anyone who is toxic in your life. Do not be involved with people who aren’t nice to you, don’t respect you, or are jealous of your life and only want to watch you fail.

• Make a point to look in the mirror and say one thing you love about yourself. This will help with self-esteem and make you look more positively at yourself.

• Try not talk negatively in conversation. So instead of saying “You know what I hate?” And continue to complain about something to someone, talk about something you like/love. This will help you see how negative you WERE being in the past and helps you practice positive thinking.

• Look on the bright side of things!

I hope this helps to make your life a more positive one!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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