Meet My Bitmoji Character

Bitmoji’s have come a long way. I remember a while ago they were popular because you were able to make “bitstrips” which were comedy strips starring your own Bitmoji. Now Bitmoji turned into a fashion statement in social media with its comeback in a Snapchat Bitmoji Character. They even have a new look!

My Bitmoji apparently looks a lot like me which is really cool, or so I have been told! I was also told that my Bitmoji looks like me but in 10 years or so! I have to say, if that is true, I look pretty youthful for 31!

My character even has similar glasses to the ones I have in real life! And the face shape is absolutely spot on!

I definitely see strong similarities between my Bitmoji and I. And… even my attitude/sarcasm? I love the funny images of the characters, the feelings are so relatable and the characters are so emoted.

I was pleasantly surprised with the cute outfits you can choose for your Bitmoji as well! I ended up choosing the outfit with black jeans, a puce purple shirt, a matching scarf and some black slip-on sneakers! I like that I can switch the outfits whenever I feel like it as well! They had outfits from Steve Madden and even Forever 21!

I really enjoyed making my Bitmoji, and more importantly how I could dress my Bitmoji how I wanted. I could even put her into some cute Steve Madden or Marc Jacobs outfits! I hope you had fun reading this post and comment down below if you think your Bitmoji looks like you.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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