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Makeup I Bought But Never Tried: Elf Highlighter

I wanted to start a new blog post series called Makeup I Bought But Never Tried. I like the idea of doing this kind of post because I, like many other makeup lovers, buy makeup, leave it in its packaging for weeks on end and never get around to trying it out. I thought this type of series post would be fun so it would force me to use the makeup I purchase and show some first impressions of makeup I try.

This highlighter palette is about $6 which is extremely affordable in the makeup world. With my previous experience Elf has great highlighters so I’m hoping the highlighter palette is a hit!

The Elf palette is called the Illuminating Palette in the shade Assorted!

There is a cream shade, a rose shade, a tan shade and an orange shade! I feel that the orange shade and rose shade are the prettiest of all four. They are completely different from other highlighter shades I’ve seen.

The highlighters are a little chalky but they are cute and subtle. The most pigmented is the cream colored highlighter shade. The rose and the tan shade look almost exactly alike and the orange shade looks like a sunset gold. I wouldn’t wear these on a daily basis or go out of my way to grab it. I’d like to wear any of these highlighter colors on a day I just wanted a subtle glow.

I hope you liked this post and comment down below if you’d like to see more posts like this!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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