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Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter Review

Too Faced came out with a Diamond Light Highlighter and it’s honestly the coolest highlighter I’ve purchased yet! They swirled together a pink blue and yellow highlighter and it looks like an actual gemstone!

The packaging is vanity display worthy! It looks like an expensive jewelry box! I took a picture of the highlighter in sunlight to show off the cute packaging but also the amazing mix of the three colors!

Something that is also very interesting about this highlighter is that each place you swatch might show as a different shade. You can tell in the picture above, that each swatch from the highlighter is a different shade. The top shade is a purple/blueish hue and the bottom is more of a yellow/white hue.

This highlighter is really neat and I recommend getting this if you enjoy fun makeup! I hope you liked this post and comment down below if you’d display this highlighter on your vanity!

– Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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