A Life Lesson I Recently Learned

Amidst all the dramas of life, sometimes we get caught up in the things that people say and in response we try to defend ourselves. I recently learned that arguing will get you nowhere, and I thought it was important to share these life lessons and experiences.

There was a situation lately in my life where I was feeling attacked verbally by some people. My direct response was to defend myself and try to make sense of the whole thing. Doing so, only causes more issues for me. It was a hurtful realization that sometimes people believe what they want regardless of if it is true or not. This happens because people are more comfortable with the lie, or putting blame on someone else, than they are with the truth. I also learned that when tensions are running high, it is better to discuss issues in person and far away from those who make the problems more nuclear.

I also realized that I should sort my feelings rather than talking them out with people who don’t understand my method of reasoning. When I am in an argument, I usually say the first thing that is going to my mind without a filter. People who know me understand this is the way I am trying to make sense of the situation. For those who don’t know me as well, may see this as me getting triggered and lashing out. I learned now that I must filter what I am thinking and try to make sense of the situation on my own, especially when around those of whom don’t know me as well.

In another situation, I have learned recently that you cannot force people to respect you. I was presented with an extremely disrespectful situation and my response was to snap at them (say a snarky comment in response to what they said). I realized that my response wasn’t going to change the amount of respect that person had for me or help the situation. All you can do in those situations is be graceful because at least you didn’t stoop down to their level.

I wanted to share these life lessons in case it was helpful to anyone else who may be looking for some insight. I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below if you want more lifestyle posts like this.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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