Sorority: Best Questions To Ask As A PNM

With Rush Week/ Recruitment around the corner, if you’re a PNM that is rushing for a sorority, you should know some questions to ask current members you will be talking to. I put together 20 questions I personally love answering and getting from PNMS!

1. What is your favorite event that your sorority hosts?

2. What made you choose the sorority you’re in?

3. What about your sorority do you love the most?

4. What leadership positions are there in your sorority and how do I apply for them?

5. What are the events you are holding this semester?

6. What is your philanthropy?

7. What is your favorite thing or touches you most about your philanthropy?

8. What advice would you give about going through the recruitment process?

9. How did you like your recruitment process? What was your most memorable moment?

10. What night of recruitment did you know you wanted to be in your sorority?

11. What were the previous events your sorority held from last semester?

12. How does the Little/Big process work?

13. What was your favorite experience being a new member?

14. How did your sorority better you as a person?

15. Does your sorority do other charitable work?

16. What does sisterhood mean to you?

17. Does your sorority work alongside with other Greek life organizations for charity/philanthropy?

18. Did you meet lifelong friends from joining a sorority, like everyone talks about?

19. What was going through your head during bid day?

20. Does your sorority support other Greek life organizations on campus by going to their events or fundraisers?

These are great questions to ask and also to have the answers to. I also, as a current member, love getting questions like this. I hope you enjoyed reading this!

– Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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