Best Way To Keep Healthy Cuticles Throughout The Winter

Have you ever had the problem of ripped cuticles during the colder months? Yes, I’m talking about the ones that you try to peel off that are on the side of your fingernails. Then when you peel the skin you feel as if you’ve skinned yourself, yes, that is exactly what I’m talking about! Well if you are wondering why this is happening to you there are a number of reasons and fewer solutions.

A few reasons why this is happening might be because with colder weather comes dry skin. Dry cuticles can be an issue, and cause this ripped cuticle situation. Another reason why could be that the person who does your nails is cutting your cuticles off or trimming them too short. There is no real reason to cut off your cuticles, this actually causes you more damage in the long run. Cuticles are there to protect you and cutting them off can leave you open to infection and the ripped cuticles. It could also be that you are pushing your cuticles back too far or using drying agents on your hands (cleaning products, Nail Polish remover, etc.), as well!

I have some solutions to these problems. If it’s not a matter of telling your nail technician to stop cutting your cuticles or to stop pushing your cuticles back so far, you probably have to keep healthier cuticle skin. Cuticles are like normal skin, even though they don’t look or feel dry it’s best to always moisturize. My routine is to: first start off my moisturizing your hands with a lotion that has shea butter or a good moisturizing agent. Then use Burt’s Bees cuticle cream On all of your cuticles, this is a life saver! To go even further, you can even apply Vaseline to your hands and put on gloves at night to soften and hydrate the skin or do a hand mask.

I hope this post helps with all your ripped cuticle problems!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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