My Shopping Apps

I do most of my shopping online but I have some shopping apps that might interest you! They are usually my go-to apps to purchase things from when I want to splurge. The apps are in order from left to right, what I use most to what I use least.

My first app is obviously Sephora, I buy makeup constantly and Sephora is where I do the most of my makeup purchases. I love the point system Sephora uses as well!

My second app is Poshmark, I constantly talk about Poshmark because I LOVE IT! It’s like thrift shopping but online, and you deal directly with those who own the clothes. Plus, if you don’t like something you bought, you can send it back and you are guaranteed 100% your money back. Another plus is that you can have your own “closet” and sell clothes you no longer want or use!

My third app is Etsy, I constantly purchase off of Etsy because I love how personalized the items are! It makes a special gift or it’s a special item to gift to yourself. I always rate the Etsy shops to share my wonderful experiences I have with these amazing small and self-run businesses!

My fourth app is Target, I usually order from here to pick-up the items at my local store! This is a convenient feature and cuts shopping time in half when you have to fit time in your schedule to quickly pick up an item from the store! I also love that there is the Cartwheel feature on here, you can use this as you shop and scan the barcodes of items to get the price and any available coupons!

My fifth app is Ulta Beauty! This is my second favorite place to purchase my makeup. I like that Ulta has drugstore makeup as well as luxury brands. I also love that Ulta exclusively carries brands like Morphe, It Cosmetics, and LORAC.

My sixth app is JOANN, I don’t necessarily use this to purchase things but I do use this app to easily access coupons! JOANNs doesn’t accept competitors coupons such as Michaels or AC Moore, so you have to use JOANNs coupons specifically. This app makes it easier to access those coupons.

My seventh app is Chipotle! I love Chipotle and sometimes order online for convenience. This app sometimes has coupons!

My eighth app is OfferUp, I like to look on OfferUp for specific items like furniture. I love to upholster and upcycle furniture when I can, it’s a lot cheaper than purchasing new items!

My ninth and final app is the Made-2-Fit BareMinerals app! This app allows you to use your camera to scan your skin tone and get a customized foundation. It is super cool and mine came to be extremely accurate, but if yours doesn’t turn out to be accurate you can return it for free!

These are my shopping apps, I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below the shopping apps you have!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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