Blogging Prop Essentials

Setting up pictures for your blog might be the thing I love most about blogging. Taking the pictures, and setting up/ testing the content to be blogged about is so much fun! But there’s some things I recommend having for the pictures you take!

One thing that’s necessary is a cute background to take the pictures on. Also, of course, something to take the pictures with. Whether that be a camera, phone, or tablet, anything that takes good quality pictures could work!

You’ll definitely need some type of lighting. I recommend investing in an umbrella light so you can take pictures with good lighting at any time of the day. You can always use natural lighting which is what was used for the pictures in this post.

Now we come to the decor for your pictures. This can help make the pictures look balanced and chic. It’ll definitely adds depth to the photo itself. I also love the atmosphere of pictures with decor pieces incorporated in it.

And lastly, a word board or light box may come in handy! You can write what you are taking a picture of or just use it for decorative purposes! I personally love it for decor.

I hope this helps and comment down below which idea you liked the most!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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