Monthly Antifavorites

January Antifavorites

With having favorites of January, comes antifavorites. This January I only had a few products that I didn’t enjoy using/ testing out.

One of the products I didn’t like this January was this Arrow Boost chapstick I had purchased this through Birchbox website and it turns my lips purple.

This FARMACY Skin Dew setting spray was not my favorite when I tried it. It was like a geyser was hitting my face and it made my face feel sticky.

This is something I got a few months ago from Birchbox but I just recently tried to use it and quickly realized why I stowed it away to the back of my vanity. It didn’t blend and there was no pigment.

This was from Boxycharm a month or two ago. I tried this illuminating setting spray and it made me look like I was from outer space. There were random clusters of sparkles all over my face. Not cute.

And lastly, these BITE Cosmetics liquified lipsticks. These are not extremely awful but I definitely don’t recommend wasting your money. They don’t dry down whatsoever and the scent is super strong. They smell like melting crayons.

If these products worked for you, don’t take it personally. We are two different people and it’s okay if there is something that works for you that doesn’t work for me! And if it does work for you I’m actually happy that it did! I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below some of your January Antifavorites!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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