Sorority: Do’s And Don’ts Of Rush Week

Rush Week aka Recruitment Week is a very stressful time for potential new members going out. There are certain things you should do during your recruitment process and things you definitely shouldn’t do if you can avoid it.


– Do ask about their philanthropy: Mostly every organization has a philanthropy that means a lot to every member. It’s important to know what the philanthropy is and it look good if you initiate conversation about it.

– Do ask if there are leadership positions available and how/if you can apply. Many organizations want to see you interested in a leadership role. You should also try and get a leadership position when you get into a sorority because you should want to be as involved as you can be

– Do dress to impress. Think of this like an interview, you want to dress business formal for an interview, it’s the same for this. It will show that you are serious about this.

– Do ask a lot of questions. Asking questions may seem nerve racking but being informed about what you’re getting involved in, is very important. Sometimes you ask questions and figure out that it’s not for you.

– Do answer the questions you’re asked honestly. Sometimes it’s really easy to tell if someone is lying, or the person asking you questions somehow finds out that it wasn’t true. If you’re caught in a lie, it’ll most definitely look bad.


– Don’t talk about boys. These girls want to get to know you, not the guy you’re trying to date or already dating. It’s not that they don’t care, but they want to know about you and who you are! Leave the boy talks for when you are sisters.

– Don’t ask about parties. A LARGE MAJORITY OF SORORITIES DO NOT PARTY LIKE THEY SHOW IN THE MOVIES. The sorority girls in movies are a stereotypical view of what Greek life actually is. If you ask a sorority girl at Rush Week how “lit” their parties are, they will more than likely be offended. Being in a sorority has a lot to do with charity/philanthropy as well as doing things for your community and nothing to do with parties.

– Don’t ask about dues. The girls you talk to aren’t going to answer this question, even if it is something you ask. It’s not that dues are THAT expensive, it’s just that the price of dues is information that is given to you when you get into a sorority and not usually before.

– Don’t gossip. This gives you a bad image, and no one wants to accept a girl that will talk behind other members backs. It’s all about inclusivity and sisterhood, gossiping has no place in that.

– Don’t DM the current members and try to discuss of you are getting accepted or not. They won’t tell you anyway, but it’s also seen to be disrespectful to do that. There’s a bid day for a reason, and finding out that you got a bid is the best feeling ever. Don’t ruin that for yourself.

I hope this cleared up some things! I also hope you have an amazing bid day!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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