Bookshelf Decor

Decorating is something I’ve come to love. I always find myself buying decor from Target, HomeGoods, etc. that I don’t need but I end up purchasing for the love of decor (or at least that’s what I tell myself). So this is how and what I decorated my bookshelf with.

My bookshelf is from IKEA and looks super plain but I feel like I spruced it up with my decor. I like to take everything that makes me and display it on my bookshelf.

The top of the bookshelf is decorated with Chanel boxes I got from previous purchases. A salt rock from a salt rock night light I was given to by my sister for Christmas. I am displaying an Eiffel Tower that I bought while in Paris. I also have a pretty rhinestoned candle holder with a candle, both from Bath And Body Works.

On the first shelf of the bookcase I have a wire basket full of eyeshadow palettes, a cup full of mascaras and lippies both from the Target Dollar Spot for $3-$1. I then displayed all of my favorite books I own and put a pretty mug I got for Christmas on top.

The second shelf has a large earring rack with the majority of my earring collection on it. I also have a blue beta fish named Sully, he’s really excitable. In the fish tank I have a Buddha head and a pink plant! I also have a cute ring dish I got from Target for $1 and a jewelry box I got as a birthday gift from my best friend!

The last shelf has a decor box for makeup, as well as a vase and mug full of makeup. I put my favorite eyeshadow palette on display (Sephora X Moschino Palette). I also have another wire basket from Target’s Dollar Spot I snagged for $3 to hold more eyeshadow palettes!

I hope you liked this post and comment down below what your favorite decor piece was!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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