Beauty Boxes

Ipsy VS. Birchbox

This months beauty boxes were extremely confusing. I ended up somehow getting put on the waitlist for Boxycharm, so sadly I won’t be able to review it until I get taken off the waitlist. I assume it will presume in February but I will keep you updated with what happens. Either way the monthly beauty box reviews must go on! Since I have no Boxycharm I don’t want to do “Battle of The Beauty Boxes” so this month it will be an Ipsy VS Birchbox face off!

Birchbox this month has the theme of “find your happy”. This box is $10 billed every month! I received doucce freematic eyeshadow in shade (54) Veronica. I wasn’t a fan of this eyeshadow, it seemed to not have much pigment and was a powdery finish to it as well. I got Arrow Boost Color Enhancing lip balm which was okay. The shade I was sent was purple and my lips did turn a slight purple shade but just made me look like I was cold. In the box also came air repair complexion-boosting moisturizer, I like getting new moisturizers to try since I have dry skin. I tried the moisturizer for a day and my skin wasn’t extremely dry but I cannot give a thorough review without trying it for a longer period of time. I had also received Awaken Within TokyoMilk Marque Deposee Light Perfume- this honestly wasn’t my favorite scent because it almost smelled like sunscreen to me but it wasn’t terrible. Lastly, I got Beauty Protector Protect & Volume, Volume Spray. This I was super excited to have gotten because I do enjoy Beauty Protector products. I did use the product and thought it worked really well and smelled nice.

Ipsy, like Birchbox, is $10 billed monthly. The fact that both are $10 will make it easier to see which beauty box is worth the money since both are on a level playing ground. I loved the theme of this months Ipsy “Game Face” that includes the cute blue netting makeup bag that reminds me of sports jersey material! The zipper also reminded me of sneaker laces. In this months Ipsy I got a bellapierre Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner in shade No. 3 Midnight Blue. When I swatched this eyeliner I was expecting a deep blue shade because the back end of the eyeliner looks to be a navy blue color. The liner was more of a dark turquoise and didn’t match the shade on the end of the liner to show the color it is supposed to be. The product is good quality, but the fact that the shade was misrepresented was disappointing. I got ORIBE Gold Lust Dry Shampoo which is a good dry shampoo (plus I love getting travel size dry shampoos to carry in my purse) the only downside is that this product is a repeat offender. I’ve gotten this dry shampoo multiple times before and I’ve gotten it in other beauty boxes as well. I received theBalm eyeshadow single in shade Mary-Lou Manizer AKA “The Luminizer”. The shade is super pigmented, cute and can be used as a highlighter as well! I got a purlisse blue lotus seed mud mask + exfoliant. I love getting masks in beauty boxes because I love trying out new masks! Lastly, I got an Absolute New York Eye Artiste eyeshadow in shade AEAS04 POSSE. This shade was a beautiful iridescent pink shadow and was super pigmented as well as creamy.

In my opinion Ipsy won this battle, because they had a lot better products than Birchbox did. It’s not that the products in Birchbox were extremely bad in quality but I personally, would not use them.

I hope you enjoyed reading and comment down below which beauty box you think won.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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