Sorority: Best Big & Little Reveal Themes

When a Big is getting a Little, the Big sister has to meet with the new members and make relationships with them. The Big and potential Little have to rank each other as their number one choice as a Big/Little and if they do, that Little sister becomes a part of your sorority family (which is your Big, your Big’s Big, your Big’s Big’s Big and it goes back for generations). But the Little doesn’t know who they get as a Big until the Big-Little Reveal Day which is a week or two after they rank each other, until then everything is kept a secret. So once a Big knows they are getting a Little they have to prepare crafts, gifts, clues, and plans to decorate their room. A huge part of that process is when the Big has to pick a theme for the Big-Little Reveal. Every Big has a special and different Reveal theme than everyone else taking Little’s at that moment in their sorority. Here are some of the best Big-Little Reveal Themes:

• Victoria’s Secret Angels

• Harry Potter

• Barbie

• Great Gatsby

• Baseball

• Coachella

• Tie Dye/ Hippies/ 70s

• Galaxy

• Olympics

• Vacationers (Hawaiian Shirts)

• Mean Girls

• Red Carpet

• Baywatch

• Secret Garden

• Disney

• Starbucks

• Travel

• Vineyard Vines

• Rock N’ Roll

• Jungle

• Friends

• Bachelorette/Bachelor

• Beyonce

• Kate Spade

These are the cutest ones by far! I hope these themes help you! Comment down below which one of these themes are your favorite!

– Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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