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How To Make A Flower Wall Decoration For Your Room

This whimsical wall art made my room look complete. I already have a large mirror over my dresser so I didn’t want to add another mirror to the opposite wall. Plus, I have a built in mirror in my vanity. Mirrors on mirrors on mirrors is not a good look. So I came up with the idea of the floating flowers on that wall instead.

What I started off with was some clear fishing line and 45ish flowers. I got the flowers on a tile for $20 at Michaels but only paid $10 after using a 50% off coupon. I then measured out how far apart I wanted each line of flowers. I did 8 lines of flowers, 5 inches apart from each other. I had 45 flowers so I did 5 flowers on each line (a little longer than 40 inches for each line) and spaced them by eye.

I then used a very thick needle and attached the fishing line to the needle. I sewed the needle through the plastic stem of the flower. WARNING: YOU MIGHT STAB YOUR FINGER IF YOU ARE NOT CAREFUL AND SEWING THROUGH THE PLASTIC STEM OF THE FLOWER IS HARD TO DO. After I sewed the flowers on I tied off one end of the line and positioned them by eye.

The way I positioned them by eye was, every line of flowers was oppositely positioned to the line of flowers to its left. Like shown above, two flowers are positioned a few inches apart on the left line and on the right line one flower is positioned oppositely in the middle of the two flowers.

After finishing all 8 lines, I tied the loose ends of each line of flowers to 1 separate line that was measured out to fit the wall horizontally. Once every line was tied on I hung the horizontal line (with all of the flower lines tied to it, hanging vertically from it) to the nails that were measured and put into the wall.

This is the end result! I think it looks super cute! I hope you enjoyed reading!

– Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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