What’s In My Purse

Since it’s time to clean out my purse I figured I’d do a What’s In My Purse post. These are just things that I carry around in my purse everywhere I go. I got my purse from JustFab and I’m super obsessed with it.

In my purse I carry a small lotion from Bath and Body Works. Tahiti Island Dream is one of my favorite scents from them. I carry lotion because I hate the feeling of dry skin and not having a moisturizer. I also carry with me my kindle. I love reading so I like to carry it for personal reads but also I bring it to class because some of my books are e-books. Of course I carry pens and pencils and a super cute oops eraser. Did I mention that I’m obsessed with office supplies?

The next few items in my purse I always have are my wallet and glasses (obviously)! My wallet is by Kate Spade and matches my purse perfectly and my glasses are Prada, which are always tres chic. I always carry a mini hair brush (with a hair-tie inside) for those bad hair days. I also have a handheld planner to jot things down in. In my bag I also have a mascara and lippie for cosmetic emergencies.

Lastly, in my purse I have the essentials! A pair of gloves for when it’s cold outside and I forgot to wear them. I have a small change purse because I don’t like stuffing change into a wallet. Earphones to listen to my tunes, keys, and a compact mirror. I also have to carry an epipen because I’m allergic to shellfish and an asthma pump because I am asthmatic.

So this is everything that I have in my purse! I hope you enjoyed reading and comment down below if you carry anything similar to me in your purse!

– Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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