Sorority: What To Wear During Rush Week

Rush Week can definitely be stressful for potential new members of a sorority. So I hope to give some advice to those looking to Rush for a sorority to help alleviate the stress. Outfits can be hard to pick out when there are so many factors involved. Will I be judged for my outfit? Is it appropriate enough? Is it too conservative? Will I be comfortable in this? And so on. I put together outfit ideas for each round of sorority recruitment to give an idea of what should be worn.

Overall advice: don’t dress too casual. You want to be in business formal clothes for the most of recruitment. You are going to be assessed for the way you present yourself amongst other things. So think of it as a job interview.

Round 1: For the first round you are going to want to wear pants. Make sure they are a comfortable material. You’ll be stressed since it’s hard to know what to expect during this process of recruitment, so don’t make yourself stressed and uncomfortable. Pick a cute statement outfit because this is your first impression and you’ll want them to remember you.

Round 2: Go a little more formal with the second round. Now that you know what to expect, you won’t be too stressed out, so being a little uncomfortable won’t be too big of a deal. But I would still wear booties because the first two rounds you’ll be doing a lot of standing for quite a while.

Round 3: The third round should be taken more seriously and you should dress more formal for this one. I say a dress or nice jumpsuit would work. This will be one of your shorter nights of recruitment so definitely wear heels!

Round 4: You’ve finally made it to bid day. Dress cute yet casual because you will more than likely be getting something to change into once you accept your bid!

I hope this helps with your recruitment outfits! Good luck!

– Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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