6 Step Winter Skincare Routine

I think we can all agree that our winter skin isn’t our best. With harsher weather, and the coldness drying out our skin winter skincare is a must. Staying on top of some skincare regimens is super hard sometimes though! I know I don’t have time for the 800 products to apply every single day, or to steam my face every night. So I came up with a 6-Step winter skincare routine, with some product recommendations!

Step 1: Clean off your makeup. I know it’s tedious and it’s a hassle especially when you wear a lot of makeup (like me) on a daily. But my doctor told me that every night you sleep with makeup on, you age your skin 11 days. Sleeping with makeup is the worst thing you can do to your skin! So really try to take it off every night. Klorane makeup remover literally melts the makeup away (but this has oils in it so be careful if you breakout easily). Another recommendation is the Makeup Eraser. This thing is godly, for a lazy person like myself, it’s easy as 1-2-3, literally! All you have to do is three steps: wet the Makeup Eraser with water, wipe away the makeup, then use the exfoliating side to make sure you got all of the makeup off!

Step 2: Cleanse! This is super important because even if you remove the makeup off of your skin, that doesn’t mean you have clean skin, or that the makeup isn’t deep in your pores. So use a cleanser to wash your face to make sure it’s nice, clean and fresh! A cleanser I use on a daily basis is Philosophy Purity. For me this cleanser is gentle and not too harsh on my dry skin and does the job of making my skin clean! Another cleanser to get is the Tatcha Deep Cleanse cleanser, I like to use this when I wore a lot of makeup because I feel it gets deep into the pores.

Step 3: Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! I cannot stress this enough. For people with oily skin and clogged pores, exfoliating will help a little bit to control the oil but it will also help to unclog pores. For those with dry and rough skin, this will get rid of excess dead skin leaving your face feeling smoother. It also helps to keep your skin healthier and minimize the appearance of pores. There are a ton more benefits to exfoliating and I recommend a Clarisonic! I’ve only had my Clarisonic for maybe 3-4 weeks and can already tell a difference in my skin. It’s a godsend. Considering that not everyone has almost $200 to spend on what is basically an electronic toothbrush for your face, a great alternative is dr. Brandt’s microDERMABRASION or any natural exfoliator with ingredients like berry seeds. An exfoliator that you SHOULD NEVER USE is St. Ives Apricot scrub, I was told by a skincare professional that I had minor scarring on the temples of my face because of this product. It apparently tears the skin and can leave scarring (like in my case) with extended use. Thankfully the scarring healed after a few years of treatment but I don’t want anyone to go through the same thing I did. Definitely exfoliate with the right products, because with the skin becoming more damaged from the cold weather you’ll have a greater amount of dead skin to get rid of!

Step 4: Toning, this is what helps give you a more even skin tone and helps a bit if you have any redness in the face. It also helps with completely cleaning the face to really make sure there is nothing left behind (makeup, makeup remover, cleanser). An extremely affordable but amazing product is Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner. Mario Badescu comes out with quality products for an affordable price point. A more expensive but great toner that I use everyday is fresh Rose floral toner. This is a great product and I have some redness on my skin and this helps with the addition of doing DIY aspirin masks.

Step 5: One of my personal favorite parts, face masks! Depending on what you need and like definitely try to do face masks often. It’s a great way to help your skin. Whether it’s a sheet mask for brightening or clay mask to help take out impurities in the skin, it’s just a great additional way to help your skin with whatever it needs! I really love the Sephora sheet masks, and the Peter Thomas Roth 24 K Gold Mask! I usually do a moisturizing or brightening mask in the winter since the skin is dull and dry. Another mask to check out is a sleep mask, which is a mask you apply before you go to bed. Right now I’m loving the Watermelon Glow Mask 🍉!

Step 6: Moisturize, this is a step you can’t skip, even if you have oily skin. Everyone should moisturize, it keeps your skin looking supple and healthy especially during winter. If you have oily skin and breakout a lot, I suggest a water based moisturizer like Origins GinZing, Neutrogena Hydroboost, Tatcha Water Cream Etc. I say this because the product isn’t as heavy for your skin and will still moisturize! As someone with dry skin, what I like to do is use a cream moisturizer and a water based moisturizer together! I usually apply the water based moisturizer and let that sit for 10 minutes so it has time to set, and then I use a cream moisturizer on top of that. For the wintertime I definitely suggest Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +! It has really helped my dry skin, especially in the winter where the dry skin only gets dryer.

I hope you enjoyed reading and comment down below your favorite winter skincare product!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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