DIY Crafts For Your Little: Sorority

It’s getting closer to the day that you get to meet your Little and my biggest advice is to start crafting before you meet her. You have to pick a theme and craft away! Otherwise, you won’t have enough time to do all your crafting. Even though crafting looks easy, it’s super time consuming! So here are some crafting ideas to give your Little as gifts! (All of these crafts are Pinterest inspired)!

1. You’re stuck with me cactus Canvas, you can pair this canvas with a cactus plant or a cactus shirt/hat etc as a gift!

2. Gold and rose canvas, you can pair this canvas with some roses or a dainty gold necklace!

3. The tan canvas Audrey Hepburn quote, this can be paired with a picture frame to put a picture of the both of you in!

4. The Tree wood slice quote, pair this with a “little” t-Shirt and get yourself a matching one that says “big”.

5. The leafy canvas, pair this one with some cute sorority apparel (Sorority shirt that has the organization name on it)!

6. I’m A Succa canvas, get your Little a succulent with this gift to really amplify the joke of the quote!

7. Big and Little heart Canvas, with this canvas I recommend getting your Little a Polaroid camera with a Polaroid photo album to put pictures in of the both of you at the Big-Little reveal!

These are some cute gift ideas and DIY crafts you can make your Little! I hope you and your Little enjoy these ideas and comment down below what theme you’d choose for your Big- Little reveal!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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