A Day Of Pampering Myself

After the holiday season I like to just set aside a day to just pamper myself and relax. De-stressing is super important to do after the holiday for me because I don’t want to be stressed for when I go back to school. This could benefit you as well, whether you have to go back to work, school, etc.! I hope my day of pampering myself will give you some ideas on how to pamper yourself after the holidays!

1. Go Online Shopping

If you have some holiday money to spend, spend it from home without the hassle and stress of the busy stores!

2. Eating Your Favorite Food

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting at home and eating your favorite food. Mine is clearly Chipotle, it’s the bomb.

3. Take A Bath

Grab a bath bomb, and some bubble bath and take a relaxing bath. This relaxes me completely, you can kick it up a notch and read that book you’ve been putting off all year!

4. Wash and Exfoliate Your Face

For this I wash my face first with a milk cleanser. I then use Philosophy Purity cleaner to exfoliate with my Clarisonic. It leaves extremely smooth skin– just make sure you only exfoliate 1-2 times per week. This is because over exfoliating can lead to worse dry skin.

5. Do A Face Mask

Sheet masks, clay masks, bubble masks, peel masks and the list goes on! With masks on trend right now you’ll have what seems to be unlimited choices! It all depends on what you need or want and what type of skin type you have! If you have oily skin, do a clay mask! If you have dry skin do a hydrating sheet mask and so on!

6. Moisturize Face And Body

I cannot stress how important this is! In the winter time your skin needs to be moisturized constantly. So grab some body moisturizer and some facial moisturizer and apply it to your skin!

7. Do Something That Relaxes You

For some it might be to watch a movie, sit by the fire, watch your favorite tv series, or maybe cleaning. My personal favorite thing to do that relaxes me is to organize my makeup!

8. Eat A Healthy-ish Dinner

I’m not saying go on a diet or a cleanse but I think eating healthy is truly underestimated. Eating well doesn’t only help your skin but it helps your body and brain. Make a healthier choice and your body will thank you later!

9. Soak Your Feet/ Foot Mask

A neglected part of the body you should try to focus on during your pamper day is your feet! We stand on our feet all day and they take a beating. Do a foot soak or foot mask! If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or if your feet are dry, put Vaseline on your feet and put on some socks. This is a DIY foot mask that will leave your feet smooth and soft!

10. Get a Good NightsRest/Nap

Napping may sound lazy but a power nap can actually help you! And getting a good nights rest will do so much for your body! It will help your skin, it will help your body regenerate, it will put you back on a normal schedule and so much more!

I hope you enjoyed reading and comment down below what you do to pamper yourself!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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