How To Prepare For Your Little: Sorority

Rush season is almost upon us, and some sorority members (maybe you?) will be getting a Little soon! Ahh! This is a super exciting time, and I’m sure you’ve been dreaming of the day you finally get your Little! But, with all of this excitement you might forget to actually prepare for them! So how do you prepare for your Little?

1. Make sure you are emotionally/mentally stable and academically capable of taking on a Little! If right now you’re in the middle of a lot of drama, had an emotionally traumatic experience, or academically having issues, re-think about taking a Little. You don’t want to bring someone you’re supposed to bond with and make a lifelong relationship with into drama or ruin their new member experience because you aren’t able to balance school/life problems and being with your Little.

2. Make sure you are true to who you are while going through your Big-Little process. You don’t want to pretend to be someone you aren’t, or fake a connection with someone just because you want to have them as your Little. Trust the process and be yourself, this way you don’t end up with a Little who’s personality clashes with yours and the connection between the both of you will be genuine.

3. While meeting potential Little’s have a strong sense of what your interests are. You want to have similar interests with your Little so you have things to bond over when you are first starting to get to know each other. Also, this prevents you from having to pretend that you like going to the gym when you actually love sitting at home and watching The Bachelor.

4. Be ready to be a responsible mentor for your Little. This is essentially someone you are taking under your wing and teaching them the ropes. You have to be ready to be there for your Little whenever they need you, to answer questions they have, to be their best friend, and to make sure they are getting the most out of their new member experience. This will definitely require patience, understanding, and knowledge of the sorority as well as the new member process.

5. When talking to each potential Little, make it clear what your intentions are as a Big! This is super important because if they aren’t looking for someone to essentially be up their butt, and you’re the clingy type, those opposite intentions will clash. Also, make sure you explain to them what you intend to do for them as your Big (answer and questions they have about the process, act as a mentor etc.)

6. Crafting for your Little is so important! I’ve heard stories, from friends in other sororities, of Bigs that have given their Little’s nothing. Crafting is a huge step in the Little process in my eyes. Your Little is extremely happy that they got into the sorority, and they want items that have the sorority name on it. So a great way to welcome/congratulate them into the sorority is by crafting. It’s also a fun way to spoil them (which you’ll definitely want to do). I suggest to start crafting as soon as possible!

7. Pick a theme and start buying things ahead of time. Little’s are expensive, but worth it. So picking a theme for your Big-Little reveal is the first step to getting started so you can buy everything over time and not drop hundreds of dollars all at once. You won’t necessarily know who your Little is or know any potential Little’s at the point where you pick your theme but pick something cute! There’s great ideas on Pinterest. Once you do this, you can start on everything else!

8. Make sure you are ready to spend a lot of quality time with your Little. If you aren’t sure you want to be with someone that often then you really should re-think about getting a Little. You don’t have to see them EVERYDAY 24/7 but you should try to see them any chance you get. It’s an important relationship for them and it’s your obligation as a Big to make sure that relationship is up to par. Even if your Little never asks you to hangout, you need to be the one to reach out to them constantly. If you can’t seem to get together, text them and talk to them on the phone!

9. A MUST is to be understanding. Try your hardest to be understanding with your Little, they are new to this and sometimes don’t realize how much time being in a sorority takes up. So if they can’t hangout for the eighth time, don’t get bothered by it. Instead try to ask them if there is anything you can do to make their process easier or if they have time to just talk on the phone instead. If your Little has a big test coming up and has blown you off because they’re stressed don’t fret, instead offer to help her study or to go on a study date. Getting mad at your Little will only deteriorate your relationship at the end of the day, ruin their new member process and make them feel like they don’t belong.

10. Have fun! Bring your Little on adventures, out to coffee, at the new food place you’ve been dying to try in the city. Go on drives, take pictures and make memories. And one more important note: HANGOUT WITH HER OUTSIDE OF SORORITY EVENTS. This will help your relationship blossom into something beautiful.

I’m only writing from my experience being a Little, I have yet to be a Big but my opportunity is right around the corner! Now, enjoy a picture of my Big and I:

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below any ways you can think of to better a Big-Little relationship.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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