My Journey Through 2017- What I Learned

This year was full of lessons learned and some amazing memorable moments.

Here’s my 2017:

– January my niece/goddaughter was born

– February I was accepted into my sorority ZTA

– March was the birth of my nephew

– April was a dance performance I did as a Zeta

– May I started my blog

– June I got closer to my best friend

– July was my niece/goddaughters christening

– August I turned 20

– September we threw my sister a surprise 30th birthday party

– October my sorority had a breast cancer awareness week

– November my middle sister got married

– December my family find out that my middle sister is pregnant with her second baby

I learned that hard work pays off. I learned that giving someone a second chance can sometimes be a great thing. I learned to put my happiness before anything else. I learned that being involved during my college years is important. I learned that I can do amazing things if I try my best and give 100%! This was a year of growth and I can only go up from here! I hope you guys have an amazing New Year!

Here’s to 2018, another year of growth, love and happiness!

– Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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