Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Do you have a secret Santa this year? If so then I might be able to help! With one more day to pick up a last minute gift for your secret Santa here’s a list of what you can get them:

• Bath And Body Works Candle (When I get this for my secret Santa’s I never hear a complaint!)

• Bath And Body Works Stress Relief Set (After this stressful holiday we might all need this.)

• A Cute Gift Set They’d LOVE (If you know what they like a gift set might be the way to go!)

• Fun Game To Play (I’ve gotten my Secret Santa Cards Against Humanities and they were so happy! These kinds of games are great for everyone and if your secret Santa is a child get them a PG version like Apples To Apples!)

• Face Masks (Who wouldn’t want some skincare?!)

• A Fun Graphic Tee

• A Subscription Box (Find out what they like and get them a subscription box for it! They have subscription boxes for a wide range of things!)

• Slippers (To Keep the toes warm!)

• Haircare

I hope you enjoyed this list and have gotten your shopping done for Christmas with my help!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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