Best 7 DIY Gifts

DIY Gifts could go two ways, you either give an amazing DIY gift or a totally awful one that didn’t go as planned. Since this year I wanted to give everyone more personal gifts, DIY seemed to be the way to go. So, I put together the best and easiest 7 DIY gifts that people seem to like the most!

1. DIY Immediate Family-Family Tree Ornament

This is a really nice gift for a close friend or family member! Put together all of the members of their immediate family on a big Christmas ornament and decorate it! I purchased a large gold ornament from the Dollar Tree, and then I printed out the names on normal printer paper. I cut the names out and put them in order of Parents> First Child> Husband/Wife of First Child> Baby of First Child> Second Child and so on. I used mod podge on the back of each paper name and stuck them directly on the ornament carefully. Be gentle since the mod podge makes the paper wet and delicate it can rip easily. Also be sure to make sure you put the paper right where it belongs because once it’s on there it can’t be moved! Once the names dried I applied mod podge over all the names and around the edges of the names as well. I then took some decorative gems, lace, and bows and decorated it!

2. Wooden Sign With Cursive Quote/Word

This DIY took a lot more preparation. I got a long piece of wood for $5 at Lowe’s as well as some wood stain for $5! I sanded the wooden plank and then stained it using a foam paint brush. I let the stain set over night and then the next afternoon I used a spray polyurethane in semi-gloss to spray the plank to protect the finish and the wood itself. I then let the wood sit for 24 hours. I then looked up on Pinterest cursive wooden signs and traced the letters and font by eye after I measured lines to make sure it was centered. If you cannot do this by eye I recommend printing out stencils (which can be found on Pinterest or Google) and tracing the stencil. I traced with a pencil and then used 3-4 coats of white acrylic paint and a thin and precise paint brush. You can go a step further and put mod podge or acrylic enamel over the wooden plank after you painted it but I did not do this.

3. Painted Wine Glass

I feel that sometimes getting someone a bottle of wine isn’t enough for a gift on Christmas. So going the small extra step and painting a wine glass that goes with that bottle of wine is the perfect gift! You can find many painted wine glasses on Pinterest and just copy those or you can watch a wine painting tutorial on YouTube! I got the wine glass for $1 at the Dollar Tree and I used acrylic paint I already had and I made polka dots in the shape of a shell with the back of a paint brush. I outlined the Shell in gold, made a gold stripe right across the shell and filled the rest with a turquoise paint! I then put gold and turquoise polka dots on the bottom of the wine glass. Make sure the person you’re gifting this DIY to knows not to use it for at least 4 days after it was painted and to hand wash under cold water only!

4. Beachy Wall Art

Do you have that friend that’s absolutely obsessed with the beach or beach themed decor? This DIY is perfect for that beach bum in your life! I got a piece of wood from Lowe’s for about $10 and some sandalwood wood stain from Lowe’s for $5! I sanded the wood and stained it and let the stain sit overnight. I then sprayed it with canned polyurethane semi-gloss and let that sit for 24 hours. I gathered some shells which was easy since I live 5 minutes from the beach on the northeast. I let the shells sit in bleach to kill any bacteria and then I washed them with soap and water. I used the smaller shells for the circle loop of the anchor and longer spiral small shells for the cross of the anchor. I then arranged the rest by eye to make the anchor neck and bottom. If you don’t have a beach nearby I recommend going to Michaels or the Dollar Tree and picking up a package of shells! I nailed a hook on the back so it can be placed on the wall and then hot glued all of the shells onto the wood by outlining the rim of the shell in hot glue and sticking it on carefully to the wood.

5. Hand Stamped Jewelry

Such a cute personal DIY! You can get a hand stamper from Michaels for $40 and with a 50% coupon you can find online you can get it for $20. I personally already had one. So all I did was purchase the chain of the necklace which was $2 and the metal plate piece of jewelry for $6 but got it for $3 with a coupon. I then took the hammer and hammered on a letter that means something to the person I’m gifting it to! What’s great about hand stamped jewelry is that you can write anything, from a word to a name to an initial or a date!

6. Canvas Wall Art

I needed a cute and personal gift for two girls in my sorority family, so I made DIY canvas wall art with our sorority name on it! You obviously can write anything you want on it to personalize it! So I got these two long canvases in a pack of two for $10 at Target (WHAT A STEAL BTW!) For each canvas I used three different shades of a similar color. So for the pink canvas I used a coral pink, a regular pink and a baby pink. The turquoise I used a light turquoise, a regular turquoise, and a baby blue. I used a big paint brush and randomly painted lines of different sizes using one color of paint at a time. I then took a white paint marker and wrote my personalized message on the canvas and then traced over it with white acrylic paint. Tracing over the marker with paint isn’t necessary, it was just a precaution I took so you can see it better!

7. Treat Yo’ Self Bath Box

And my favorite DIY gift of all, the treat yo’ self bath box! I purchased a box from Target for $2, and the shredded filling for $1 at Target as well! I then purchased handmade soaps from boutiques down by where I live. I got a mini bottle of champagne as well as a bath bomb and a mini candle from Bath and Body Works; I threw everything into the box to DIY the perfect treat yo’ self spa day/ bath. I’ve also made larger versions of these with the addition of sheet masks from Sephora, a champagne glass, skincare, and a cute eye mask!

I hope you liked these 7 DIY gifts and I hope you can use these as a possible last minute gift to throw together before the holidays hit! Comment down below which DIY you liked the most.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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