Ultimate Gift List For Him

Shopping for men is hard for me. Sometimes you have to think completely out of the box, especially when they have a lot of stuff already! So I tried my best to put an ultimate gift list together for the guys you can’t seem to find a gift for!

1. Sports Fan

• Sports Team Baseball Cap

• Sports Team Jersey

• Sports Team Floor Mats For Car

• Sports Team Football (Basketball, Baseball etc.)

• Sports Team Mug

• Sports Team Winter Hat

• Sports Team Cufflinks

• Sports Team History Book

• Sports Team Socks

2. Outdoorsy

• Thick Flannel

• Hiking Boots

• Thermos Mug

• Zippo Hand-warmer

• Good Quality Sunglasses

• Fleece Lined Winter Hat

• Go Pro

• Hiking Backpack

• Winter Snow Gloves

• Portable Hammock

• Novelty Compass

• Portable Lightweight Speaker

3. Gamer

• GameBoy Mug

• Vintage Video Game Pillows

• Nintendo Switch

• New Video Game Controller

• Gaming Gift Card

• A Video Game They Want

• A New Headset

• Video Game Related T-Shirt

• Video Game Related Keychain

• New Computer Mouse

• Cool Keyboard

4. Fashion Forward

• Fitted Trench Coat

• Brown Leather Watch

• Nice Duffle Bag

• Luxury Brand Scarf/ Nice Quality Scarf

• Wallet

• New Boots

• Round Sunglasses

• Swell Water Bottle

• Round Fashion Glasses

• Fitted Dress Shirt

• Stylish Keychain

• Quality/ Luxury Belt

5. Skater/ Vintage Style

• Light Up Drumsticks

• Longboard

• Rolling Stones T-Shirt

• Rolling Stones Magazine Subscription

• Record Player

• Vans

• Their Favorite Band Tee

• Record

• Band Poster

6. Fitness Fanatic

• Exercise Shirt

• Protein Powder

• Exercise Socks

• Bath Salts For Aching Muscles

• Protein Bar

• Gym Bag

• FitBit Watch

• Exercise/ Warm Sweatshirt

• Running Sneakers

• Lifting Gloves

• Quick Dry Exercise Shorts

• Water Bottle With Mouthpiece

7. Dad

• Golf Club Pins

• VR Headset

• Ammo

• Best Dad Mug

• Best Dad Shirt

• Dad Grill Tongs

• Wooden Beer Holder

• Flannel Pajama Set

• Projector

• Nice Watch

• Car Cleaning Products

• Work Gloves

8. Uncle

• Dress Shirt

• Best Uncle Ever Sweatshirt

• Best Uncle Mug

• Skinny Tie

• Grilling Set

• Beer Opener

• Dress Scarf

• Favorite Sports Team Keychain

• Favorite Movie

9. Grandpa

• Pocket Watch

• Family Picture Collage

• Favorite Sports Team Hat

• Cute Personalized Pillow

• Grandpa Mug

• Personalized Hammer

• Golf Balls

• Sentimental Ornament

• Golf Club Covers

10. Husband/Boyfriend

• Electric Shaver

• Cigar Box

• Dress Shoes

• Pajama Set

• Comfy Slippers

• Amazon FireStick

• Remote Control BB-8

• Vintage Shaving Brush With Stand

• Dressy Sweater

• Luxury Cologne

• The Watch He’s Been Eyeing

• Box Of Nice Ties

11. Teen Boy

• Cordless Earbuds

• Sweatshirt

• Old Skool Vans

• Mini Air Hockey Table

• Fidget Cube

• Video Game (C.O.D. WWII is big right now)

• Huf Socks

• Basketball (Or Any Kind Of Ball)

• Body Spray

12. Little Boy (Child)

• Slime

• Nerf Gun

• Hot Wheels Pack Of Cars

• Superhero Cape

• Their Favorite Disney Character Pillow/ Stuffed Animal

• Kids Watch

• Cool Fidget Spinner

• Lego Play Set

• Harmonica

13. Baby/ Toddler Boy

• Baby Timberlands

• Swaddle Blankets

• Cute Jogger Outfit

• Stuffed Animal

• Winter Jacket

• Cute Onsies

• Silver Personalized Box

• Blanket

• Rubber Ducky


Obviously not everyone fits into one category or a category at all, and I don’t think anyone would fit into just one category since we are all beautifully unique individuals! There are definitely athletes that love makeup, adventurous people who love to dress fashion forward and the list goes on forever. These are not to put any one person into a specific category but to spark an idea for a gift if they like any of these things! So, I encourage you to incorporate many aspects of all of these “categories” into your gifts. The sky’s the limit! I also want to point out that for little boys, toddler boys and even teen boys, the gifts are not limited to legos and superhero’s either. If a teen boy likes makeup I definitely would suggest getting them an eyeshadow palette or if they like to listen to Taylor Swift maybe get him tickets to her upcoming tour etc! If a little boy likes to play with dolls then totally get dolls. If you don’t believe in the gender-norms of baby/toddler boys wearing a lot of blue then feel free to buy them pink, purple and any other color for clothes! I want to make sure everyone gets the most out of this gift list and to be fair to all people as well as all beliefs!

I hope this gift list sparks an idea what to get the men in your life! Comment down below your favorite Christmas traditions!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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