Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Ordering gifts online for Christmas this late in the game is a no-go since it’s five days away (YAY!). So, figuring out a gift without Amazon, who somehow always shows us the perfect gift, is pretty hard. To help, I made a list of things to get as gifts that are thoughtful and nice for anyone you may be shopping for.

1. Amazon Echo Dot

2. Festive Oven-Mit and Towel Set

3. A Cute Personal Monogram Ornament

4. A Bath Gift Set

5. Cake Plate

6. Coffee Table Book

7. Mini Photo Printer

8. A Cute Set Of Mugs

9. Drink Mixer

10. French Press

11. Cooking Spices

12. Pretty Wreath

13. Magazine Subscription

14. A Stationary Set

15. Bath Robe

16. A Cutting Board/ Cheese Plate

17. Scarf and Gloves Gift Set

18. A Decorative Throw Blanket

I hope I gave you some last-minute gift inspiration! Comment down below if your Christmas shopping is done yet or not!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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